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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Web users are quick to judge

Internet users can take just 0.05 second to decide whether they like the look of a website, research found, and this first impression have a lasting impact. In comparison, it takes a human 0.05 second to read one word. This result suggests that humans make very quick judgements based on some sort of emotional reaction, which is independent from our cognitive system. This ability to respond rapidly may help us human dealing with dangerous situations in the evolutionary terms, but it makes web designer's job much tougher.



Blogger Michelle said...

Love all the facts, makes for a very interesting read :)

2:52 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my god, that is soooo true. I love reading your site!

9:35 PM

Blogger My Daddy Strongest said...

quite a bit of stats. could be influential too. i plan on revisiting. Will drop you stats if i happen to notice.

9:37 AM

Blogger McRubble said...

Being a blog surfer I suspect the statistics are true. Rather than read a single word when I encounter a new website I "snapshot" the whole page. If nothing catches my attention instantly I am immediately off to the next page where I will sometimes realize what I have just seen and go back to it.

8:32 PM


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