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Saturday, January 21, 2006

No link between glioma and mobile use

Brain tumous are pure biological phenomena, mobil phone are physical devices, I never believed that mobil phone will cause brain tumour.
A recent study of 2,782 people across the UK found 0 (none, zero) link between the risk of glioma - the most common type of brain tumour - and length of mobile use.
Among cancer sufferers the tumours were more likely to be reported on the side of the head where they held the phone, but this study said people over-reported phone use on the side their cancer developed.



Blogger gnome said...

The fact that tumors are biological and cell-phones are physical is pointless. I am sorry, but something that is biological is also by definition physical. And let me help you with another example.... A knife is (the way you put it) physical, while a person biological... Therefore and by following your logic a knife cant hurt a person.

Finally there are hundreds of researchers who have already and beyond reasonable doubt linked mobile phones with a variety of tumors/cancers...


7:46 AM

Blogger R2K said...

I agree... All things are physical, bioligcal things included.

Radiation DOES cause cancer. We know this, we just dont know if this type and strength of weakly interacting radiation causes cancer.

Again, lots of these studies are of very limited scope and often quite dubious from a science perspective. Just please try to stay really critical of anything any study finds.


10:45 AM

Blogger Sdit. said...

Haha...I bet the first "study" was probably planted by pay phone companies who were rapidly losing money when cell phones caught on =)

8:43 PM


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