Numbers Don't Lie

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The naked truth

54% of women said they think about weight and fitness while in shower. For men, you guessed it, they split their time day dreaming about sex (57%), and thinking about work (57%).
Source: Olay Shower Secrets Survey



Blogger Sdit. said...

Men thinking about sex...surprise surprise ;) I'm surprised the percentage isn't higher!

8:40 PM

Blogger Tomodachi said...

hi!!! nice blog!!! im kharen...

9:34 PM

Blogger alfa said...

whoah! 57% of those men thinking about work? I think those who did that study need to double-check on their results. :-)

7:09 AM

Blogger Don said...

How do you get 114% of men thinking? Since half are thinking about sex, is that with the little head? What are the other 43% of dicks thinking? Inquiring minds want to know!

7:51 PM


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