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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Drugs and genders

42% vs. 29% - the percentage of risk of suffering major depression that can be attributed to genes, in women vs. Men, according to a study by researchers from Virinia Commonwealth University School of Medicine.

Another study found that Aspirin can reduce men's heart-attack risk by 34%, but it has no impact on men's stroke; for women, Aspirin can reduce their stroke risk by 17%, but it is not effective against women's heart attack. (Source: heard from WBBM780 - a Chicago radio station.)

Currently, when Doctors describe drugs for patients, they don't distinguish men from women. They only distinguish children from adults. Given the fact that men and women having different physical makeup (as shown above), I think we should re-evaluate all drugs to see how different they are when it comes to different genders.



Blogger bravefish said...

Ah yes but the risk of a man suffering depression due to a woman is about a billion percent!!!!!!!!!1

10:12 AM


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