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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Male intelligence and sexual prowess

A study found that males, at least among bat species, make an evolutionary trade-off between intelligence and sexual prowess.
In bat species with monogamous females, males had testes (reproductive gland) ranged at 0.11% - 1.4% of their body weight, and brain size was about 2.6% of body weight; but for species where the females had a large number of mates, males had testes ranged at 0.6% - 8.5% of their body weight, and brain size dipped to 1.9% of body weight. Bats invest an enormous amount of energy in testis, and the investment has to come from somewhere.
I don't have similar numbers for other mammals (including humans). Care to guess, anyone ?



Blogger Lacking Latin said...

ummmm....can't say I've weighed my testicles recently. Wouldn't know the current stat.

The other question, is how does one measure the percentage of weight of a brain, human or bat? I *guess* I could imagine measuring testes (weird), but that's odd nonetheless as well....

....what kind of person wants to hold bat testicles for a job?


9:09 PM

Blogger JEFM said...

This is a cool blog! I'll come back from time to time.

Feel free to check mine.


9:17 PM

Blogger yee wei said...

interesting study,i have no idea to guess,tell us,ok?

the twiart incipient

9:41 PM

Blogger Sdit. said...

That's why the geniuses and nerds out there dont get much booty! ;)

This study only helps prove that!

9:16 AM

Blogger the shrewness said...

so if i get this study right, brain size is inversely proportional to testis weight...

now if only theres a weighing station somewhere, we'll be all set!

5:14 PM

Blogger silesius said...

good blog! very interesting!

5:23 PM

Blogger Beth said...

great blog! I have no clue since I'm obviously lacking necessary parts for testing

7:20 PM


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