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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Marrying for money works

A study shows that a person who marries — and stays married — accumulates nearly 2 times more personal wealth as a person who is single or divorced. A big reason married people accumulate more wealth than others is simple economies of scale — one household is cheaper to maintain than two.

For those who divorced, they lose, on average, 3/4 of their personal net worth. This is due to costs associated with divorce and starting over.



Blogger ЄӘи said...

Awww.. crap.
Now I have to plan on getting married soon. :(

(btw, don't let the arabic characters fool you, they're substitutes for 'sebastian')

9:12 PM

Blogger Wei Shyong (WS) said...

This richer in marriage thing is, of course, assuming the money is split up 50-50 between the partners, and not solely controlled by one spouse. And when the couple is not having kids yet.
Nevertheless, Interesting figures.

11:40 PM


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