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Friday, February 02, 2007

Americans don't save

In 2005, Americans saved -0.5% of their money in their banking accounts; in 2006, Americans saved -1.0 % of their money in banks. In previous years, the only time they saved less than that was 1933, with -1.5%. As you may know, America was in the Great Depression that year.
Source: heard from radio station wbbm780 , Feb 1st, 2007.



Anonymous S. Jessi May said...

U got that right!! Being an American I can say that I, because I cant speak for everyone, have always grown up feeling like there is always more to come. I know it is foolish to think that way especially since we did have the Great Depression. I think I must make an effort to change this, at least for myself and what I teach my children. I will never understand why everyone wants to come here to USA, seems as though most Americans have lost sight of the things that matter most in ones life. I love my country and everything it stands for, please do not mistake that HOWEVER, I feel most people here need some education from others as to what life is all about. Freedom of everything...although a blessing has enabled so many to many to make mess of their lives and the ones whose lives they directly involve.

12:37 PM


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