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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Why we don't like our bosses

Many employees complain about their boss being clueless on the dynamics of working environment. Now a new study shows that powerful individuals have a reduced ability to comprehend how others see, think and feel.
Researcher used a unique method in which the participants were told to draw the letter E on their forehead. If the participant wrote the E in a self-oriented direction, backwards to others, this indicated the participant have not thought or cared about how others might perceive the letter. On the other hand, when the E was written legible to others, this indicated that the person had thought about how others might perceive the letter. The results showed that those who had previously been randomly assigned to a high power group were almost 3 times more likely to draw a self-oriented E than those who were assigned to the low power condition.
In summary, researcher found that possessing power itself serves as an impediment to understanding the perspectives of others.



Blogger Maroto said...

one more proof that power corrupts!

8:21 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well we all knew that without the E. . .

12:56 AM


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