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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tall people earn more

It is been know for some time that tall people earn more, each additional inch of height adds roughly 2% to average annual earnings, for both men and women. In a new study, two scientists from Princeton University, find that tall people earn more, because they're smarter, on average. It is possible that early childhood care, including prenatal care, can increase both height and cognitive ability.

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Blogger Newsandseduction said...

Interesting facts. you mean you are a librarian?

7:05 PM

Blogger Gyrobo said...

2% per each additional inch... added to what? What's the base height?

8:04 PM

Blogger Caitlin said...

As a 5'2 female, I knew I was doomed to lower wages than men, but now lower wages than tall women? How depressing. Oh, well. At least I can wear heels on my dates. :)

8:15 AM

Blogger Forty_Two said...

This finding is based upon statistical averages and should not be confused with the idea that you will be paid less simply because you are short. Being short throughout your life can lead to other factors, one or more of which is the actual mechanism of lower pay.

8:10 AM


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