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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Effect of mood on employee performance

If harsh words from your spouse or a near-miss with some freeway creep have you fuming when you walk into the office, there's a good chance your bad mood will affect your work all day.
Conversely, if you walk in happy, odds are you'll stay that way, even if customers are mean to you, and you'll do better work.
We all know that the mode of employee affect their job performance. Here is a number to show for it - in a recent examination in an insurance company call center, researcher found that unhappy workers took 15% fewer calls than the average.
Source:, August 28, 2006

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Blogger Sicilian said...

Attitude . . . is the difference . . . is the glass half empty. . . or half full . ..
Employers would do well to make employees feel appreciated. . . it trickles down to customers.

1:50 AM

Anonymous Han Milo said...

As an economics student, i'd say it's too much a glass. jk :)

9:23 AM


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