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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Who need a vacation ?

Although average American gets a little less than 4 weeks of paid time off, including public holidays, compared with 7.9 weeks for Italians and 6.6 weeks for Britons, two surveys find 40% of Americans have no summer vacation plans, the highest in about three decades. The reasons? Some people have no paid vacations, others simple can't live without working.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We just can't afford it anymore. Gone are the days when the family could pick up and go see parts of America that interested them, much less out of the country.
We're expected to do more for less with more hours than our counterparts in other industrialized nations, and we have less than our forebearers.
Solution? Just go with it...most of America looks the same anymore any way with the box-like construction and corporate franchises. BTW, 20 years ago cost of average hotel room: 35.00. Today: 125.00. Gas was less than a dollar a gallon 20 years ago, now: 3-4. Not financially-sound to leave home.

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