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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Americans fail the test on evolution

1/3 American adults do not believe in evolution, a far larger fraction than in most European countries, a new study revealed. Of the 34 countries surveyed, only Turkey had a smaller percentage of adults who believed in evolution.
Michigan State University's Jon D. Miller, who carried out the research, theorized that "Individuals who hold a strong belief in a personal God—and who pray frequently—were significantly less likely to view evolution as probably or definitely true than adults with less conservative religious views."

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Blogger wennejunk said...

I think this number probably takes into account all those who discount evolution as a purely random process, unguided or influenced by any higher intelligence. An accidental occurence? Nope, can't buy it. I could accept a higher being or intelligence guiding the process towards an intended result, but not evolution as its proponents push it.

I can also accept a universe created in 'six days'. If we accept that there is a God, who is all knowing and created the universe and ordered the stars, then there is nothing to stop him from packing what we see as billions of years of change into only six days.

6:39 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

but anyway...I suck at numbers...!

9:34 AM

Blogger Yasser said...

quite a high percentage; but maybe we should have the question itself and the way it was phrased before drawing any conclusions....

10:43 AM

Blogger Chris Engler said...

Both evolution and creation are more of a belief system than an actual science. In faith, I believe that we were created and while we may have adapted to a few things here and there, we haven’t really changed much at all in terms of evolving into other species.

4:32 PM


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