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Saturday, August 19, 2006

How to lose weight ?

Easy, try eating off smaller plates and bowls.
Study shows that using smaller bowls and spoons may curb the amount of food eaten.
There was a earlier study found that teenagers poured 77% less juice into tall narrow glasses than they did into short wide glasses. In a recent study, participants were randomly given a 17 ounce or 34 ounce bowl along with a 2 ounce or 3 ounce ice cream scoop and allowed to serve themselves ice cream. Altogether, those with large bowls and large serving spoons served themselves — and ate —nearly 57% more ice cream than those with smaller bowls and spoons.



Blogger Yo, yo misma y el mundo said...

I found this quite funny and interesting at the same time. Congratulations for your blog!

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