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Monday, March 20, 2006

Three year Iraq war stats

1) total civilian deaths - 33,661
2) US military casualties - 2,314, UK military casualties 103
3) Iraqi police killed - 1,914
4) the cost of US military - $200 million each and every day
5) number of WMDs found - 0
6) the average Iraqi policeman, doctor, teacher or soldier earns 5 or 10 times his previous salary
7) Iraqi security forces currently only controlled about 50% of the country
8) prospect of future - most Iraqis expect to face at least several more years of sectarian violence and instability
9) President George W. Bush approval rating - only 29% of the people surveyed - a new low- approved Bush’s handling of the situation in Iraq
10) Iraq political freedom - from none to dozens of newspapers, television stations and political parties



Blogger glenda said...

Do you have any stats on how much beer is consumed in the White House by Bush? There are rumors.

8:30 AM

Blogger Diggatron said...

Scary stuff for sure!

Have a listen to my music.

12:38 PM

Blogger My Mouth said...

I like this blog!

2:11 PM

Blogger Lone Ranger said...

Number of people who no longer face mass graves, rape rooms, torture chambers and prisons for children -- 25 million. Number of liberals who care about the lives of brown-skinned people halfway around the world - 0.

3:16 PM

Blogger the shrewness said...

is there a way we could email this post to dubya??

he does know how to use email, right?

4:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with lone ranger.

6:52 PM

Blogger Steve Harris said...

Number of terrorist Saddam will be able to bankroll from now on: ZERO!

Number of Iraqis Saddam will be able to have murdered from now on: ZERO!

Number of Terrorist Attack on US soil since we took the fight to them: ZERO!

Those are the real numbers.

7:04 PM

Blogger mr. X said...

Like your blog. Stats are interesting.
Kindly inform the lone ranger that stats are neither liberal or conservative. What was posted in this post is the truth weather we like it or not. can you label someone for telling the truth? Sometimes the truth hurts more than a lie. Im sorry lone ranger that you think all Liberals are heartless bastards, as a liberal i was just as concerned about the wellfare of the Iraqi people as the average conservative. On the other hand I beleived that the state of the Iraqi people was not MR. Bushes reason for war in Iraq. If you will recall, Mr. Bush believed and led the American people beleive that Iraq had weapons of Mass Destruction and was intent on using them against the United States making it a viable reason to interfere in an international affair.You will recall that when no weapons of mass destruction were found Mr. Bush very quickly changed his tune and brought us this sob story about toppling a horrible dictator and bringing about the spred of democracy. You do realize that during this time the US government under control of Mr. Bush organized the overthrow of DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED Hatian President Jean-Baptiste Aristide. I may also remind you that throughout history the US government has a track record of supporting dictator s as long as the dictators serve the US interests. I would also remind you that the US government for a long time SUPPORTED Mr. Saddam Hussein. In conclusion let me say that nothing is as simple as what the government wants you to believe.

7:30 PM

Blogger Paul Häder said...

lone ranger,

no more torture chambers?
oh Abu Ghraib is supposed to be closed soon, right...

5:15 AM

Blogger kuso said...

Technically, there are about 20,000 US casualties (a casualty being defined as killed OR injured) and 2,300 US KIA (Killed In Action). Luckily for our troops, they are in a war where they rarely die if they can make it to an aid station, no matter how badly they are wounded.

Contrast this with Vietnam, where about 2.5x more of the injured died due to poorer care and more time before evac to a proper hospital. If we had Vietnam fatality rates, we'd be have approximately 5,800 dead servicemen/women by now. A little math tells us the casualty rate in Iraq is about 3x lower than it was in Vietnam. This means that Iraq is a lower intensity conflict, less of our troops are being injured or killed per day than in Vietnam.

5:33 AM

Blogger leo said...

The lone ranger is right, sadly he is ALONE, there used to be more like him they were called AMERICANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7:21 AM

Blogger leo said...

being naked and not beheaded is torcher? to bad we can ask the beheaded for their choice!

7:22 AM

Blogger leo said...

approval by ? whats the point? of comments/ kinda like saddam!

7:24 AM

Blogger 2e said...

Numeric, you posted numbers that support both sides of the aisle. Too bad people can only see what supports their own position.

Keep up the number crunching!

1:29 PM

Blogger author312 said...

I don't believe he only approved 29%. Excellent stats - where do you get them?

5:55 PM


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