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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Male drivers waste six million hours a year

"Christopher Columbus did not need directions and neither do we" - men's motto about driving.
Based on responses from 2,000 adults, the UK based Royal Automobile Club Direct Insurance found that men who are lost wait an average of 20 minutes before giving up and asking for directions. In total, British male drivers waste nearly six million hours a year lost on the road because they are reluctant to ask for directions. Women only wait 10 minutes before seeking help. Men even endure a "nagging period" of around 10 minutes from their partner before throwing in the towel and stopping to ask the way, the poll showed.
The survey also revealed that only 27% of couples plan their journeys before setting off.



Blogger Alastair P. Forbes said...

Can't say I'm too surprised... interesting blog!

8:33 AM

Blogger RusticateGirl said...

LOL, finally, statistics to prove it!

6:32 PM


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