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Monday, May 29, 2006

Americans have a short fuse

While people in other countries are relaxing, calm, everyone takes their time, a recent pull found Americans are become more impatient while waiting to be served. US is a nation that gets antsy after 5 minutes on hold on the phone and 15 minutes max in a line. It seems people don't get better with age - the survey found older people to be more impatient than younger people. And if you ask the typical person 'do you feel more time-poor or money-poor?', the answer almost always is time-poor.



Blogger Sicilian said...

I am trying to understand why that is a bad thing. . . . I hate being on hold. . . . I hate it when the person who answers the phone immediately says,"Will you hold please." I usually say no. It kind of shocks them. . . . as they put me on hold anyway.

4:39 AM

Blogger Candy said...

I agree with sicilian on this one... what ever happened to MANNERS? Larger businesses are so hell-bent on saving money that they are cutting customer service. It really ticks me off. I'm sorry, but my time is worth something to me. And you, Mr. Huge Corporate Conglomerate, must realize that by putting me on hold for 35 minutes because you refuse to have enough telephone staff, just makes me feel like you don't value my time or me as a customer.

Yeah... so, um, we have a short fuse.

12:07 PM

Blogger Dave said...

I think most people dislike queues but especially the richer people in developed areas. It's not so much time par se but the way the time is being used. Maybe the people we are hanging on for should think of another way of amusing us rather than playing scratchy music? How about giving us the option - sorry for making you wait - press one for jokes, press 2 for todays news, press three for interesting facts and etc.

3:33 PM

Blogger difangle said...

A perfect example of patience being a virtue... recently I had business cards made, it should have been a week long process but ended up being a month long instead... I didn't freak out as time went on and ended up paying $85 for the cards instead of the original $140. Pretty sweet and worth the wait.

6:31 PM

Blogger cappuccinofetus said...

and we'll all float on okay.
and we'll all flaot on anyway. :]

7:06 PM

Blogger Ari said...

This is a great site! What percentage of people find cool blogs by random clicking, do you suppose?

8:29 PM


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