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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Allstate says Sioux Falls is safest driving city

Researchers with Allstate Insurance Co. says Sioux Falls is safest driving city. Factors likely to have helped push Sioux Falls to the top spot include streets that are laid out logical and strong traffic enforcement. Allstate Insurance Co. found that each motorist in this growing city in southeast South Dakota has on average one accident every 14.3 years - 30% better than the national rate of one every 10 years.
Motorists in Newark, N.J., were most at risk, according to the study, averaging an accident once every 5 years. Washington, D.C., was second-to-last at 5.1 years.



Blogger the shrewness said...

no wonder our insurance rates are sooooo high!

time to move to sioux falls??

9:19 PM


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