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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Nation’s youngest children are glued to the tube

80% children younger than 6 watch TV, play video games or use the computer on a typical day. They average about 2 hours of screen time, compared with 48 minutes when they are being read to, the Kaiser Family Foundation concludes in a recent study. The study also show 1/3 of the nation’s youngest children — babies through age 6 — live in homes where the television is on almost all the time,

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Blogger Budd said...

Wait, let me turn the tv off so I can hear myself think.

But it is such a good babysitter.

9:10 PM

Anonymous aoife said...

Ha... When was the last time you could sit for two hours and read to your kids and have them pay attention that long? (that specifically is targeted at 2 year olds)... and most likely, it is not as if the kid is sitting there for a straight two hour block watching tv. Its probably more like 10 minutes, go play, come back, go play, come back.

9:23 AM


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