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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

We all lie, all the time

Why people lie ?
To look good both to ourselves and others, experts say. We want to be agreeable, to make the social situation smoother or easier, and to avoid insulting others through disagreement or discord.
According to a recent study published in the Journal of Basic and Applied Psychology, 60% of people had lied at least once during the 10-minute casual conversation, saying an average of 2.92 inaccurate things. As if people almost "lie reflexively" researcher say, "they don't think about it as part of their normal social discourse."
Other finding from this and other researches: men lie no more than women, but they tend to lie to make themselves look better, while women are more likely to lie to make the other person feel better. Extroverts tend to lie more than introverts.



Blogger Sicilian said...

It is called embellisment. . . . politicians must have a higher rate than the rest of us peons.

1:59 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

lying is all too common. I am an introvert but find myself lying all the time. most of the time it's to protect someone's feelings but at some times it's to avoid going into too much detail with people.

10:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe we should start being "real" with everything we think and feel.

It would be a completely different world, don't you think?

Try it sometime, you might like it.

10:21 PM


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