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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Male brain and female brain

I got above brain maps from a friend. I have no idea whether those maps have any scientific studies to backup or not, but I did what I could - by my very difficult measurement, the ratio of male's 'Lame excuses gland" area over "toilet aiming cell" is about 400 - 500. For female, the ratio of "impulse shopping" area over "realization of wants vs. needs" is about 700 - 800.



Blogger Lolita....... said...

ooh, i love it! Ill have to save those pics, but my brain looks more like the mans so perhaps i shoudl be worried

8:46 AM

Blogger Monkey said...


Great stuff!

9:07 AM

Blogger kate said...

ya mine looks more like a guys as well... perhaps the people who think that womens brains actually work that wasy are more out of touch than they think! cheers! Kate

12:07 PM

Blogger Rockstar Ashley said...

this is the best ever. i love the images. you got me laughing all the way though class

1:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems right to me....


5:03 PM

Blogger Beppe said...

i want a new brain...

3:34 AM

Blogger Queer Duck said...

It's on the internet, so it must be true!!

7:11 AM

Blogger oetyyes said...

This is funny!!!!! But so true, I fear.... Hahahaha.... Take care,


7:19 AM

Blogger Chris said...

it's the thruth.

10:15 AM

Blogger Beth said...

Hey! My gold digging sensor is WAY bigger than that ;)

12:03 PM

Blogger T212.627.9510 said...

Is that backed by statistics ???

12:41 AM


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