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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Why we like to work from home ?

Only 14% of 2,450 employees surveyed said they put in a full eight hours doing their office work when working from home. 25% indicated that they spend less than 1 hour working, and 53% said they spend less than 3 hours.
Source: Careerbuilder Inc. Chicago



Blogger Nats Grant Logan said...

But they probably get more work done thanks to the lack of interruptions and corridor-chat...

Well, that's how I find it anyway.

Like your project!

12:59 AM

Anonymous Mannie Jo said...

Isn't this why we all aspire to work from home? The three hours of work you actually do in the eight hours you are at work can be compressed!

That and it's harder for the boss to catch you screwing off.

7:18 AM

Blogger Anne West said...

I work in an office and i probably work an hour a day...the rest of the time is spent blogging, emailing, iming and on dating sites...what a loser I am!

12:04 PM

Anonymous start making money said...

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2:59 PM


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