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Friday, February 24, 2006

Optimism prolongs life

Mounting research shows and continues to show that optimism could extend people's life. The latest study came from Wageningn University in the Netherlands. For 999 elderly Dutch men and women, agreement with statement such as " I still have many goals to strive for" was highly predictive for longevity. When subjects were traced 9 years after being surveyed, considering all other factors in life, death rates of optimistic men were 63% lower than those of their pouty peers; for women, optimism reduced rate by 35%. The reason? Optimistic people avoided many un-healthy life choices.
Source: Scientific American Mind, Feb./Mar. 2006.



Blogger ShadowWriter said...

and then again, I think... what's the pointof living so long if you're a pesimist? You're not enjoying life anyway... just a thought

9:57 PM

Blogger Clarence Jr. said...

Another thing that prolongs life: I am told that people who are volunteers for organizations actually get back and more the time they put in on average.

1:27 AM


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