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Thursday, February 02, 2006

How many ways can you tie a tie ?

After employing the analytical tools of topological (and geometric) knot theory and statistical mechanics, two mathematicians from Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge (UK) identified the maximal of 85 ways to tie a tie (given natural constraints) in 1999. Their mathematical model duly predicted the 4 knots (Four-in-Hand, Duke of Windsor, Half-Windsor, and Pratt knot revealed in 1989) in widespread use, and further introduced 9 new aesthetic ones.

As a men, I think those 2 have performed a great service for civilization, doing for tie-knot tying what Isaac Newton did for the motion of the heavens.



Blogger Far side of the other side. said...

True civil servants.

The next study should be:

- How many of these can the average elastic-tie-necked man actually tie?

9:56 PM


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