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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Some popular posts on my new blog

Below are some of the popular posts on my new blog:

long TV viewing cause shorter attention.
the secrete of good wines.
what are your lifes regrets ?
viagra promote feelings of love.
height is almost genetic.
translates numbers into images.
population map of the future.
No sleep enough is deadly.
steroids is the explanation for home runs surge
commuter-marriages increases in us.
feminity of poverty
why kids love McDonald's worlds' most expensive coffee
gene and gender differences
top 10 reasons why humans have sex
some Iraq war statistics
why fingernails grow faster than toenails
solve all rubiks cubes in 26 moves
higher risk suicide linked breast implants
link between cell phone usage and car accidents
worlds tallest buildings
obesity is contagious.
few kids walk or bike to school.
men are as talkative as women.
how to procrastinate.
how long it takes for plastic bag to decompose ?
our urban deforestation.
tattoo regret and removal.
marriage makes family rich.
high gasoline price humor.
Mouse vs. Supercomputer
How We Learn
Internet porn consumption statistics
The world is walking faster
Women outnumber men in colleges
Five reasons why you should marry me.
Which human body part increases to 10 times its size when stimulated?
Positive and negative national influence.
Barack obamas popularity in Myspace.


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