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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder

Ever heard of 'beer-goggling' effect ? - the regrettable effect that alcohol drink, ambient light and smokiness have on our ability to judge attractiveness. 'Beer-goggling' make the aesthetically-challenged more attractive; in fact, a poll showed that 68% of people had regretted giving their phone number to someone to whom they realized was not attractive the morning after. A research project headed by Nathan Efron, Professor of Clinical Optometry(Univ. of Manchester), tried to reduce the "beer goggles effect" down to a interesting equation. Other than the amount of alcohol, room's light level & smokiness, drinker's own eyesight and distance between two people are also factors.



Blogger Jen said...

Interesting. I can't imagine what happens when you drink something stronger like say vodka or tequila!

5:36 AM


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