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Sunday, December 31, 2006

I don't have anything to wear !

Oh, yeh? Many women are 'periodic excessive buyers', according to Jean Chatzky, the author of book Make Money, Not excuses. Although women's income are less then men, they spend more. In 2005, full-time full year female works earned 23% less than male workers, but single women spent $1,069 on clothing and services vs. $832 spent by single men. By some estimates, 12% -15% of American women are so called 'excessive buyers'.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha! this is really interesting to know. Actually I always wanted to know how much did women spent vs men. By the way, this is an excellent site. I'm placing a link to it in my own blog, if that's ok with you...

5:18 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I think this is one of the kewlest blogs. About the women spending more than men, well I'm just wondering that have they considered that women's clothes are much more expensive than men's, also women are usually in a divorced situtation, it is women who are the primary care-givers for their children so they tend to spend more, and many of the television advertisements are also directed toward women as oppose to men. Anyways just a thought, u r probably more of an expert than me.
I really think u are kewl, i have actually put as my link, under intersting blogs on my website , and I think u r doing a great job and u shuld go on.

9:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooooooooooohhhh kind of having a hard believing that one. Considering how much men suits cost. . . . I think it depends on the nature of the job. Where you and I work. . . . . I think it costs men a whole lot more to dress than women. One of my docs only wears Italian suits. .. . I haven't seen a woman's suit cost anything like those Italian jobs.

11:52 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, think about it. women need a lot more variety of clothes than men. men only wear casual and work clothes. they just need a couple of suits, chinos, jeans, shorts and they're set. women need shirts (long/short), shoes of all variety; boots (ankle, knee length), stilettos, sandals, workout shoes, and well...the list just goes on. women need purses and shoes to go along with just about every outfit. and styles change for women more then men.

5:55 PM


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