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Thursday, November 09, 2006

How many passwords do you have ?

The average adult in the U.S. has to remember 9.8 passwords, PIN codes, or other bits of secret information.
The number "1" is the most common number people use in their passwords — almost twice as much as any other number.
Source: Perfect Passwords



Blogger Sicilian said...

I have to write them down. . . kind of defeats the password purpose, but at work we have to change the passwords every month and it gets hard to remember them all. At work alone I have 6.

4:35 AM

Anonymous Siddharth Thakkar said...


Now someone who has to go through the daily grind will realize how tough it is to have 9-10 passwords to remember.

Also, the thing about 1 shows our human nature to just use the 'first' possible number just to make our passwords alpha-numeric. I almost agree with the finding as I too use 1 in most of my passwords. Oops! Did I give out too much secret info :p

2:10 PM


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