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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Divorce harms women's long-term health

Another study from Iowa State's Institute for Social and Behavioral Research suggests divorce harms women's long-term health. In the short term, women who got divorced reported 7% more "psychological distress" than those who didn't. After a decade, the divorced group reported 37% more physical illness than the married group. Women who remarried fared better than those who didn't.

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Blogger fakir005 said...

I disagrce. Staying in a marriage with an abusive husband, staying in a marriage with daily fights, staying in a marriage where one partner does not want the other to go the separate way is ruining not only a woman's health but a man's health.

I ran in to a woman 25 years ago and I never saw her again after that fateful day. I was very young. She had only 2 childern only 4 and younger. Now she has 5 to 7 children 30 or younger. She started making silent phone calls. Now her whole family including her boy friends have joined her in the phone harrassment. I can't change my phone because her husband works in the phone company. They all now know how I look. I've moved away four times in last 25 years. They find out where I live and they know when I come home and let me know by making a phone call.

My health has been ruined and police would not help. Only if I could make businesses rent my pixels at PIXELS HOMEPAGE and or NEW ERA WISP (30,000 -100x30) for $30 for a month I could hire an attorney to help me and see specilists who would not accept the Medicare because it does not pay enough.

But it is not a call for charity. I'd spend the money first to promote these sites and any left over money would go for my needs. But if businesses think they'll loose their money they should not invest in Pixels advertising at these sites.

8:56 AM

Blogger CHIC-HANDSOME said...

life just good

9:38 AM

Blogger Mike said...

When I pull up your site comes up with no posts. I had to click on the post listings on the sidebar to get to this page.

3:04 PM

Blogger Keeper_Of_Memories said...

I agree with fakir005 about staying in a marriage with an abusive husband does ruin a woman's health and the man's health...

But then again, you are right with that divorce does harms woman's health...

6:50 PM

Blogger crackpot said...

interesting statistics. thanks

3:04 PM

Blogger Jeans Pants said...

With the friend's I have, I can see why.

12:47 AM

Blogger Rhonda said...

Well, this was an interesting read but I am one of those women who will soon be divorced. I have been separated for 7 years, long time I know but my decision to post-pone what was going to happen any way.

During the marriage I was in poor health more times than none and since I have been separated my health has come around 100%...I know I may be classed as a minimal statistic but I'm still a person who came from a bad marriage and survived.

My first 200lbs was my ex...that was the start. Thanks to being away from him (heavy smoker), I have reduced the use of my asthma medication and became very physically active. I have lost many inches and gone down clothing sizes too. My daughter and other family members enjoy being around me because I am happier than I was while "married".

You're right, not all divorced women will be like me but I take it very personally when someone tries to say "all divorced women will have health aliments"...bull! A lot of us are fighters and are healthier than you would believe.

This is only my opinion from my personal experience but I know for a fact I do not agree with the statistics...and who dreamed up this study...a man!

5:30 PM


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