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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Do we need 2 Earths ?

Globally, humans are consuming resources at an unprecedented rate, far beyond Earth's capacity to support them. If this trend continues, according to a recent report from World Wildlife Fund (WWF), humanity will need 2 Earths' worth of natural resources by 2050; and "if everyone around the world lived as those in America, we would need 5 planets to support us".



Blogger Johnny Ong said...

looks like u like numbers and having a melacholy personality?

6:06 AM

Blogger Ignaz said...

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7:55 AM

Blogger Self Confessed Walkover said...

The crazy thing is if we *all *started doing some of the small things it really would make a difference. Like turning down the heating, only boiling the water you need for your hot drink and not leaving things on standby.

10:52 AM

Blogger Mike said...

When we get to the 1.001 earths point, bad things will start happening all over the globe.

2:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:54 PM

Anonymous carlo said...

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6:42 PM

Anonymous guatevideos said...

wow, our children are in problems..

10:01 PM

Blogger Sj said...

Our global footprint.. well, I work in a manufacturing plant in Toronto.. the waste that goes on here is unimaginable. And apparently as standards go we are a pretty good plant. Businesses suck more and waste more than probably hundreds of houses could do by reducing. Not that we still shouldn't individually try to do SOMETHING.. ;)

7:35 AM

Blogger Zoroaster said...

It is true, but not quite complete. At our current rate of food production/resources/etc we can support 2-3 times the population we have now. The problem is the inefficiency of farming and using resources. Large farms generally work at an efficiency rate of 0.13 Kilocalories for every 1 put in. That's a huge deficit that affects poorer countries. For comparison's sake, wet rice farming has a surplus of 53 kilocalories for every 1 put in. Other resources (mostly fossil fuels) are running low, but there are other technologies taking their places. We need desperate reforms, but saying we need 5 earths is a bit extreme.

8:31 AM

Blogger SNAKE HUNTERS said...

We need three planets.

One for the Jihad Suicide Lovers

One for Jerry Falwell
& Pat Robertson

One for the rest of us that really
believe in 1st Amendment principles

Comment? Record a first name
and your town. reb

11:01 PM

Blogger Sj said...

Wow Snake Hunter.

So to quote "1 world for the Jihad Suicide Lovers - 1 for Jerry Falwell & Pat Robertson"

But your 3rd one takes the cake. And the last world for residents of the United States. Very Amero-centric of you.

What about the rest of us?

9:25 AM

Blogger A Girl From Texas said...

I'm curious what the death rate in the world is.

7:26 PM

Blogger Celal Birader said...

I'm curious what the death rate in the world is..

Howdy, girl from Texas.

The answer to your question is 100%.

1:26 AM


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