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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Women dig guys with creativity

Women love men's artsy side. A 2005 study put this well-known fact down to numbers - it found that artists and poets had had a total of 4 - 10 sexual partners, while people with less creative jobs had 3. According to the study’s author, Daniel Nettle, Ph.D., a psychology lecturer at Newcastle University, creative people tend to be charismatic and their artistic pursuits are particularly interesting to others. The study also found that the number of sexual partners an artsy type had increased when he spent more time on creative, right-brained pursuits.

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Blogger Cynthia Antoinette said...

I could be wrong, but as an artistic sort, myself, I found that artsy men didn't really work for me. But that's just my own experience....

(Found your blog through blogspot's names.)

5:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice to know.

9:05 PM

Blogger suze said...

Fascinating. I love stats too. Although I can never really remember them. Or I can remember them vaguely enough to tell a story, but not accurately enough to have an argument.

9:26 PM

Blogger Adeline said...

Nice Blog:)

12:17 AM

Blogger AC said...

No wonder the lives of these creative people have been very interesting, to say the least!

3:26 AM

Blogger Monty said...

Mmm. Interesting. Lets hope they weren't using their creativity persuits when taking part in the survey!!!!

4:57 AM


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