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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Suicide by the numbers

In the book 'Why people die by suicide' , author Thomas Joiner briskly summarizes reams of studies on self-killing:
1) in most countries, men are about 4 times more likely than women to die by suicide; only in China do female suicides outnumber male ones;
2) in United States, Caucasians commit suicide at about twice the rate of African Americans;
3) your suicide risk is also higher if you're a physician, divorced, or elderly, if you live in rural county, if you've moved during the last year, if you regularly suffer from nightmares, or if you have tattoos.



Blogger slyght said...

i believe it was in an abnormal psych class in college, we learned that men at 3x as likely to commit suicide, but women are 3x as like to ATTEMPT it. therefore, for every 1 female death, there are 3 male deaths, and 9 female attempts. the reasons seems to be that women are conscientious about family having to clean up after them etc. women typically try to O.D. or gas themselves, things that take time and you can reverse. men are typically more messy, gunshots, jumping in front of moving objects, hanging, etc.


10:45 PM

Blogger skape7 said...

A little scary but fascinating all the same! :)

2:24 AM

Blogger Sonny Shine said...

American Indian's die by suicide at the highest rate in America, and the Finnish come in a close second. By my age reckoning, I should have killed myself by now or have become a victim of homicide. Also known fact is that Native American's are more likely to die of homicide then any other racial group! Life sucks then you blow your brains out!

2:54 AM

Blogger Cool said...

I don´t have tatoo´s, don´t suffer of nightmares, don´t moved last year, don´t live in rural county, not divorced and i´m not a physician...
Am I a lucky person? ;)

7:47 AM

Blogger Rose said...

Jusr stumbled across your blog!

- I'm loving your great facts.

Love Rose x

8:48 AM

Blogger robert said...

A psychiatric nurse told me once that dentists are the most likely profession to kill themselves.

8:02 PM

Blogger McRubble said...

Psychologists have always claimed that allowing oneself to be tatooed is a form of self-destructive behavior, therefore the link to suicide which is the ultimate in self destructive choices makes sense.

8:26 PM


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