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Monday, February 06, 2006

Who's the greatest artist of the 20th century?

Picasso was by far the greatest artist of the 20th century. How to proof this ? An economist recently demonstrated that if you round up every art history textbook of the past 15 years and see whose art is reproduced most frequently, then Picasso, with 395 illustrations in 33 textbooks, scores nearly as many as his three closest rivals (Matisse, Duchamp, and Mondrian) put together.



Anonymous allan said...

I think that reflects current opinion of the influence of an artist - not if they were great.

For great we will have to read the next few century's books.

12:13 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

395 in 33 books. Do you know how many books have been written on 20th century art in the last 15 years? Probably 100s. The survey is at least spurious if not totally invalid especially if the content of the books isn't listed and is only covering the last 15 years.

If this is all the study took into account their criteria for greatness is rather lame.

8:49 AM

Blogger eleKtrofly said...

i think it's dangerous to equate fame or economic success with greatness. i love picasso, but i don't know if i could call him the "greatest"

what about dali?!

i think social impact should be taken into account

11:37 AM

Blogger Corto said...

what about musicians like lennon and freddy

1:03 PM


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