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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Miniature Earth Project

If we could turn the population of the earth into a small community of 100 people, keeping the same proportions we have today, it would look something like this ...
1) 47 live in an urban area;
2) 61 Asians, 12 Europeans, 16 Africans;
3) 9 are disabled;
4) 33 Christian, 18 Muslins, 16 are non-religious;
5) 6 people own 59% of entire wealth of the community;
6) if you have a bank account, you are one of the 30 wealthiest people in the world;
7) this community spend more than $1.12 trillion dollars on military expenditures, but only $0.1 trillion dollars on development aid.
See more at: The Miniature Earth Project



Anonymous Richard said...

Yay! Another Numeric Obsessive! I can't find any others in my town..
I am:
- 85% sane, and need the remaining 15% to stay crazed
- within .33333 years of being one 3rd of a century old
- prevented from joining Mensa only by the distance from Tacoma to Seattle, and a deficit of approximately four hours

I see mathematics in everything.

keep it up.

10:59 PM

Blogger Dick Margulis said...

I was with you until number 7, which is absurd, of course, and that raises the suspicion that some of the other numbers may be off, too.

I'm surprised this got by you.

3:00 AM

Blogger Sicilian said...

Could you forward this to the world leaders. . . . . or perhaps just to ours.

3:02 AM

Blogger apprentice said...

Great post. Well one of those white, non Christain, disable persons with a bank account, and I count myself lucky.

5:53 AM

Blogger Candy said...

Hmmmm... Dick, I think you have to take into account this is a sampling of ALL of the people on the PLANET. So, in that regard, it makes sense... although the dollar values (not the percentages) seem to be a little off, eh?

7:26 AM

Blogger dragon51188 said...

Seems a bit sad to me that people are so much more eager to kill each other than help out.

10:47 AM


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