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Saturday, April 29, 2006

IQ determine wealth and of nations

According to the recent book IQ and the Wealth of Nations, among many factors explaining why some countries are rich while others are poor, it is the people's IQ that does the heavy lifting -- for the 81 countries, the mean national IQ correlates powerfully - 0.73 - with per capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP). (In the social sciences, correlations of 0.2 are said to be "low," 0.4 are "moderate," and 0.6 are "high"; so 0.73 is most impressive).



Blogger Shrinivas Thakur said...

I am afraid you should not take a simplistic view that per capita income or a nation's wealth is decided by the level of its IQ.For one thing,techniques of IQ measurement are open to question.For another,a number of complex social,political and economic factors together cotribute to the nation's economic development.Take the example of India,my own country whose GDP is growing at the rate 6 to 8 per cent per annum in recent years.Although its per capita income is low by comparison with that of developed nations,India has made rapid strides in IT field and is exporting software and its IT personnel.If your yardstick were correct,would it be possible for India to record allsided progress?Please visit my blog:http:/ Thakur from India

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