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Sunday, April 23, 2006

To be on diet or not to be ?

Some data show that the idea of all Americans being obsessed with weight loss is a myth - a 1993 Yankelovich survey found that over 50% of Americans said they weren't at all concerned with watching their weight, and studies show that fewer than 25% of Americans are dieting. In 2002 Glamour magazine asked more than 11,000 readers what they would give up to slim down permanently. 75% would not give up eating dessert, and only 41% would pay $3,000 to be thin forever. Almost 25% said they would not give up anything to lose weight.

The simple fact is that losing weight just isn't that important to many people.



Blogger Rebecca said...

That is ridiculous - only 41% would pay $3,000 to be thin FOREVER??? As a member of our indebted society, I would pay twice that right this second if I could avoid the years of exercise it would take to get me there.

9:29 AM


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