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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Excess weight reduces men's fertility

Obese men are more likely to be infertile than their slimmer peers, according to the first study to look at whether a man's weight influences a couple's fertility (Epidemiology, Sept. 2006).
Researcher found for every excess 10 kilograms, or 20 pounds, may cut a man's fertility by 10%.
There are a number of mechanisms by which being overweight could affect fertility in males. For example, excess weight may reduce sperm concentration/count, alter hormonal balance and increase scrotal temperature, or overweight men may simply have lower libidos and less sex than normal-weight men.

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Blogger Oberon said...

7:42 AM

Blogger Jeans Pants said...

Hello. I visited this site once, I commented and promised I'd be back. That was 4 months ago. I promise to visit more frequently. Anyways so this post is telling me that if I don't want kids to get fatter and if I do I should lose some weight. I guess if Im going to gain weight nows a good time =0).

7:35 PM

Blogger House of Suz said...

I would think obese men would be less likely to have sex, period, so that would greatly reduce their chances of fertilizing an egg as well.

8:35 AM

Blogger Forty_Two said...

You mean fat guys get laid less often? Wow. I never would have expected to hear that.

2:35 PM

Blogger Jen said...

What about over weight women? Do they suffer from infertility as well?

3:24 PM


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