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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Starting Exercise Later in Life Still Helps Heart

Exercise has been shown to help the heart, whereas a lazy lifestyle can be a major risk factor for heart disease. But few studies have examined how exercise impacts health at different ages. Now Epidemiologist Dietrich Rothenbacher (Univ. of Heidelberg) have shown when comparing to these inactive counterparts, those who were active throughout their lives enjoyed more than a 60% less chance of developing heart disease. But even those who became active only after the age of 40 enjoyed a 55% less chance of cardiovascular trouble, and those who went from being inactive to very active saw the greatest benefits.



Blogger mfaizalzul said...

i am active person..thanks to god!!

8:55 PM

Blogger Scottish Lad said...

nice 1, as i sit here at my computer reading all these blogs(not being very active) and with a can of beer at my side, i like the sound of those stats!!! P.S. am only in my early 30's....plenty of time to exercise!

10:16 AM


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